mandag, januar 10, 2005

Our last Dublin Guinness

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It was a great trip. And we had a lot of great stout. This is back at the Celt, on our last night.


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Looking like The Dude from the Munch painting way back when.

Globetrotters Hostel

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Best. Hostel. Ever. Well, besides Aille River Hostel in Doolin and Rainbow Hostel in Dingle. But, this is definitely the best one in Dublin. Clean comfy beds, and the same breakfast as the people staying at the attached b&b get! Which is a full Irish breakfast. So tasty...

Anyhoo, this is one of those signs telling you how far to all kinds of things, including "Tipperary: A long way"

Album Cover Photo!

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This was in this parking garage where we went to see a play, still at the Galway Arts Festival. We were waiting for the play to start. Then we got kicked out of the parking garage so that they could finish their last rehearsal or something. The play was pretty sweet as well. It was about... things that happen in parking garages.


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So this was a dance performance, and the only other free performance at the Galway Arts Festival (see below). It was pretty cool. The dancers were up on these poles that swung around and they just kept swinging and it was about coupling.

The Betty Big Shoes Parade

So, we went to this parade in the Galway Arts Festival, because it sounded great and because it was one of the 2 free things to do at the Festival while we were in Galway. Galway is amazing, btw. Anyhoo, this is the parade, a weird, LSD-induced Alice-in-Wonderland kind of affair, with a sort of story about Betty growing up or something. The pictures are in chronological order bottom-to-top, but this makes less sense than the parade itself so it probably doesn't matter how you look at them. Except that the only people who still read this are KPd and TMQ, who were of course there and remember the real thing.

Anyhoo, it was a sweet parade. And it turned out it was about this girl Betty, who had big shoes. Which was awesome.

The Drum Rainbow

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Sambahots could learn from these guys. They were awesome.

Betty is saved!

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Lara Croft and Betty

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We think the kid in the chair is video-gaming the woman in the green saving Betty from scary things

KP was kidnapped by the parade!

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I'll let her tell the story...