mandag, januar 10, 2005

The Betty Big Shoes Parade

So, we went to this parade in the Galway Arts Festival, because it sounded great and because it was one of the 2 free things to do at the Festival while we were in Galway. Galway is amazing, btw. Anyhoo, this is the parade, a weird, LSD-induced Alice-in-Wonderland kind of affair, with a sort of story about Betty growing up or something. The pictures are in chronological order bottom-to-top, but this makes less sense than the parade itself so it probably doesn't matter how you look at them. Except that the only people who still read this are KPd and TMQ, who were of course there and remember the real thing.

Anyhoo, it was a sweet parade. And it turned out it was about this girl Betty, who had big shoes. Which was awesome.