fredag, august 20, 2004

Cool dude

Originally uploaded by ertzeid.

This is a Munch painting of a wicked cool dude. I mean, look at him! He's an author or something. We really like him. We like Munch too, or at least his paintings. Shrik (the Scream) is amazing. So amazing that it got stolen in the 90's sometime. The museum defended itself, "We didn't expect anybody to use a ladder!" referring to the theif who had climbed into a window instead of using a door. But Shrik is back. And amazing.


Anonymous Anonym said...

It got stolen again a few weeks after we got back to the States. I guess those intense-looking security guards were just for show.

mandag, 06 desember, 2004  
Blogger ertzeid said...

well, a different one was stolen from a different museum (the Munch museum), where i imagine they had fewer guards. and, the guards had no guns. possible gun hidden in pocket tends to bean no gun. oh those crazy, trusting norwegians.

mandag, 06 desember, 2004  

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