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In Cork. This cool kid at the hostel, who'd been at Blarney Castle as well, showed us around. We also went to this amazing microbrewery, but I had no taste-camera, so you'll have to fill that part in yourselves.


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Dude, that's all you're gonna say about Cork?
Werd, I'll post a picture of Diiirty-Cork on Digging a Hole eventually, but basically, Cork is a dirty city. And we mooned it.
It all began on the way to Blarney Castle when I kept picking out strangers who I wanted to hang out with, and by wierd quirks of fate, we kept ending up hanging out with them. Two of those strangers were these wet backpacker kids we saw out the bus window. They ended up providing the flashlight for our spelunking (look it up, werd).
The other stranger was this cool kid on the bus and at Blarney that I decided we should hang out with. Turns out, he was staying at the same hostel as us, so I offered him some of our (AWESOME!) dinner. He then took us on a fooked up tour of Cork which included local graffiti artist lore, fucked up dirty river action (shopping carts!), dirty pubs, and an awesome microbrewery with, I kid you not, the BEST STOUT I HAVE EVER HAD.
So, after much drinking and dirty pub crawling revelry, he decided to show us this sketch as all hell park overlooking Cork. It was a great view. It was cold. It was a dirty, sloping, steep park. We all had to pee. So, naturally, we mooned Cork. The whole damn city. Werd.
Cork got us back the next day when we went exploring, though. The Heineken brewery shot a cloud of hop-smoke at us. Fookin 'ell.
Up Dirty Cork! The Rebel County!

søndag, 19 september, 2004  

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