fredag, september 10, 2004

The Coronation

Originally uploaded by ertzeid.

So, when the Queen is coronated, there's this whole deal where she has an orb and a staff and even a Coronation Spoon. Plus the crown of course, and the crazy-huge cape. This is the best we could do to reenact the sacred event. Do your best to replace in your mind the toothbrush with the staff; the soap with the orb; the hat with the crown; the towel, the cape; and the sticky-note with the spoon.


Anonymous Anonym said...

I thank Amanda for the much-needed explanation of this photo

I swear, it was pretty funny at the time...

The Queen she just,... looks so clueless. and they gave her about 2 billion things to carry, all of which represented the sanctity of the world. what if she had tripped? who wouldn't look tense?

lørdag, 11 september, 2004  

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