søndag, september 19, 2004

Killarney National Park

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Not that the waterfall wasn't... but this is from our massive boat/bike extravaganza! With soup and apple tart in the middle. Much longer story than fits in my blurbs.


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So we took this boat/bike trip all through Killarney National Park via the Gap of Dunloe. We thought the boat would be like, fairly big, since it had to also carry bikes, but it turns out it was a wee little wooden boat with a little motor on which 12 people and 12 bikes were crammed. At one point, we all had to get off the boat while this German kid helped pull it through rapids. Then the two man crew went fishing. Amazing fookin' boat ride.
At the end of this mythical ride was a little cottage in the national park where hot soup, brown bread, and hot apple tarts were available to the cold boat passengers. Refreshed, we headed on to leg two of our adventure, the bike ride UP the Gap. After going the wrong way for a little bit, we began to make progress up and up and up the mountains. Before too long, we were walking the bikes up the winding road through sheep pastures and whatnot. Amazing views. Finally, we made it to the top of the Gap of Donloe and Leg 3 of our journey: the super sweet 7-mile downhill coast through the Gap via the most beautiful scenery in the world. Finally, Leg-4 was a pouring rain marathon bike ride along a highway back to town where we made a big-ol dinner in the kitchen and celebrated our trip. =D

søndag, 19 september, 2004  

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