s√łndag, desember 05, 2004

Irish Coffee

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... is the best drink ever. Unfortunately, it's more expensive than a pint of Guinness. I've discussed it a little at my other blog, but failed to have any since being in Ireland. So, this one we're having in the so-called best pub in Ireland (I liked The Celt better; and the pubs in Doolin). This was our reward for climbing Croagh Patrick. Not that we didn't go to pubs nearly ever other night of the trip as well...


Anonymous Anonym said...

i look like a tool in this picture. a tool who doesn't know how to drink irish coffee. but that's ok. i also look like i'm having fun. which is good. :-) ps and by-the-way, which pub is this that was supposed to be the best?

tirsdag, 07 desember, 2004  

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