mandag, november 29, 2004

Tin Whistle Maestros

Originally uploaded by ertzeid.

so we'd all bought tin whistles in doolin, inspired by all that music there. we decided to figure out how to play them. not too hard, but still takes practice... the wind never helped either.

another time, we were playing at this beach with a seal colony on it. we'd hoped to see seals, but the seals were not around. so we decided to practice our whistles instead. we were all playing different songs at once, and all off-key, and a tour bus pulled up and a bunch of tourists got out. the tour guide told his tour that we were playing for the seals, and that the seals like music. and the tourists believed it! now, what we were playing was only music under the loosest definition of the word, but sure enough some seals started poking their heads up! we should have asked the tourists for a round for bringing the seals for them. or they should have thought of it themselves.