s√łndag, november 07, 2004

i wish i was here now

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this is a moonscape in the burren, near doolin.
doolin was one of my favorite places in ireland.
it had the best hostel, and the best trad, ever.
then we went on an adventure up the moonscape coast through wet air and across jagged rock, and leaping crevasses, and dodging bulls, and jumping brambles, and climbing over stone walls and metal fences, and running from bees, and getting lost, and searching for castles, and falling down, and getting up again, and then finally making it home.

carl: what did i tell you?
us: stay close to the water...


Blogger KPd. said...

That was one of those adventures that was really good *afterwards*. At the time, I remember we were trying to outrun the thunderstorms we could see brewing over the Aran Islands. I still think our cross-country shortcut was pretty damn cool, though. =D
And the bodhran player was hot. Werd.
Oh, and painting our nails outside the tent one morning. Chill as.
Has everyone been practicing their tin whistles?
I am really good at 3 songs.... Not so good at other ones... =D
Oh, and you forgot stinging nettles.
I was like, captain "touch-it-and -see-what-happens" in Doolin.

fredag, 12 november, 2004  
Blogger ertzeid said...

oh, i was just talking about the one trek... but all of doolin was pretty amazing. i'll post the drummer in a couple pics, if you don't post him first.

fredag, 12 november, 2004  

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