søndag, september 19, 2004

First night of camping!

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We were troopers, camping on the lawn there... The picture doesn't show the evidence of dog, but it left only one exact spot for the tent to go and not get ew. But, pretty site! Even if we did have to walk around the block to go to the bathroom at night... Until we realized we didn't have to...
We had the same view from the kitchen, where we drank tea with some guys who'd been there a week waiting to take a boat to the Skellig Rocks. It was cool.


Blogger KPd. said...

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Cahersiveen's finest hostel backyard. Note the view! =D
The woman who owned the hostel told us that "only Germans sleep outside." We proudly defied stereotypes.
We also proudly hiked around the block in our pajamas on 1am to pee because the back door was supposedly locked. If by locked I mean, "not locked at all." She lied to us to try to get us to buy beds indoors! She made it up to us on night 2, though, when she gave us free beds due to our inane levels of friendliness (and Aerob's flu-like symptoms).
Then some girls from London peed on my shirt. Ask me how I made money off that!

søndag, 19 september, 2004  

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