tirsdag, oktober 12, 2004


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So these are the cows we passed on the way back from seeing Fungie the Dolphin, and the CIA. We saw them on the way there as well, but I took the picture on the way back. Don't tell customs I walked through a cow pasture, even if the dude at Dublin Airport said it didn't count =/
There were heaps of cows in Ireland. So cute! And check out their grass-fed-ness... not that I really know much about whether factory farms exist in Ireland.


Blogger KPd. said...

Y'all were so dang worried about the whole customs thing... It's like you wanted to never be allowed back in the States. LOL!

tirsdag, 12 oktober, 2004  
Blogger ertzeid said...

at this point i kinda wish i wasn't

s√łndag, 07 november, 2004  

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