søndag, september 19, 2004

4th of July in Killarney!

Originally uploaded by ertzeid.

"TMQ, do something American by the 4th of July placard!" Besides, of course, the red white and blue outfit, provided by me and KPd.


Blogger KPd. said...

We were so American that day. LOL
We had this brilliant plan to get drunk for July 4th, but we started too early and got worn out before the fireworks even happened (11pm, it gets dark late there).
So we had a PJs and Pringles party in our hostel room instead. =D
But before we retreated, Tara posed for this picture with the best sign ever. And we had ice cream. And pints and soup.
Ice cream is always good in any cone.

søndag, 19 september, 2004  
Blogger KPd. said...

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søndag, 19 september, 2004  

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