fredag, oktober 08, 2004


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So in Dingle, there's this dolphin that lives in the harbor named Fungie or Fungy or something (soft 'g')... One could spend 25 euro to take a boat out to see the dolphin, or hike out to this chill spot (tho, less chill when the CIA was there) and watch from there. So we chose the latter. And we still saw the dolphin. There was also this dude in a wetsuit trying to swim with Fungie, but the boats kept coming and distracting the dolphin, so the poor guy got left high and... well, wet, with no dolphin-swimming. A couple people with surfboards succeeded soon after he'd given up, if memory serves.
The rest of Dingle was chill as well, with the best lunch ever (fish stew and murphy's stout) and also the best afternoon tea ever (tea... and scones), and the best ice cream ever (honeycomb. the states should have that flavor. the bailey's flavor was also good).