torsdag, november 18, 2004


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so this is on inis ir, the smallest of the aran islands. there are rock walls everywhere, out of lack of anything better to do with the rocks. then there's a castle up at the top of the hill. this was something better to do with the rocks, only after it was done there were still many more rocks. the whole area is pretty rocktastic. and rawktastic. well, this island actually didn't have much besides the walls and the castle, but the one we stayed on (inis mor) was great. oh except for the weird passive-aggressive kiwi hostel staff. maybe new zealand kicked them out; they reflect pretty poorly on a mighty friendly country.


Anonymous Anonym said...

we also picked up a girl from Texas on the boat ride over to the island, and then made her climb unsturdy rock walls with us so we could discover a pony in part of this castle-y looking thing. too bad there wasn't more discovery-time. anyone have the info of ANYONE we met in ireland? I feel like a bad "i met you randomly in ireland" friend

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